Many people have accompanied me on the way to bring down this final version of “Cooling down!”

Lot of thanks to all may friends in Germany, India and the USA who gave me their support and encouragement!

My particular thanks goes to all the young people who were my engaged test players, they gave me so much chance to learn from them. One of them voiced unexpectedly my feeling: “Wow, learning through games, wonderful“. This is what “Cooling down!” wants to be: An opportunity to learn about adaptationsstrategies on Global warming in a peaceful manner.

More directly my personal thanks goes to my son, Dirk Ulrich, a strategic thinking social educationalist and to David Kapfer, student at the ALANUS University: he was taking care for instance of the mathematics behind the game.

I have to mention the former president of the “Wuppertal Institut”, Professor Dr. Peter Hennicke, and the german politicians Ulrich Kelber and Michael Müller, they opened important doors for “Cooling down!”. The powerwomen of the “German Agro Society”, the wonderful people of the UN Secretariat Early Warning, they all, and many more, were engaged to bring in some more ideas and technical support.

    Otto Ulrich

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