Doors to go inside the knowledge bank of “Cooling down!”

Before playing, firstly I suggest you can learn for your own, what is hidden in the game? Here some possible questions, maybe their will match your interest.


Why sould we more aware of coming

environmental refugees?


What es meant by “Future responsibility”?


What is “EcoEquity”?

What is “EcoEquity”?    

Who are the acteurs behind “Organic Farming”?


What is meant by: “Worldpower energy”?


Japan lauches carbon footprint labelling – what is behind that?

With whom is Muhammend Yunnus working together and why?



What is meant by “PPP”?


Why should you “Dream big dreams?




Calculate the e-function between the 3 CO2 levels: 1840, 2008 and 2050.


What is behind Gto, ppm und CO2 Equivalent?

Why are the ocean red on the back of the board?


The blue-red line on the board, explain it?


Discuss the trends in the CO2 jump.

Why is seed a common good?


Which myths are behind GMP?


Why is organic Farming in the focus of biopiratery?




Compare and discuss Lifeboat
2 and 4.

Discuss the connection between: “Energy Hunger“ and Energy Security“.

Discuss the connection between
„Climate refugee“ and
„Climate war“.

Collect the names of technologies used in the game.


What meant Factor 4, why?


Which which physical principles are hidden in the game?    

What are the three main Greenhouse gases?


What is the CO2 equivalent from Methan?What is behind the “clean cow”?

Energy security



What are the criteria for a “weak state”?


When we can speak from “Good Governance”?


What is “regulating efficiency”?

Why Early warning systems?


What is the long version of ISDR?


What means preparedness?

Compare lifeboat 2 with lifeboat 4 – what do you think?


Where is the Cowdung society normal day-by-day culture?


Why is POETRY a strategy?

“Good Governance”

Culture of prevention

Future options

To all this questions – and still much more – you find the answers, if you go carefully through all the materials from „Cooling down!” – by doing that, you learn more about the running debatte about the human dimension in a constraint world.

After that, you are fully prepared to play the game itself.