Playing altogether, the only chance not to cross the “Fireline”!

You see the worldclimate game „Cooling down!“. You are looking from above, through the atmosphere on earth, on the board you can also see the time path from 1840 to 2050 and the CO2-Path from 281 ppm to 600ppm. (ppm stands for the parts per million, for example 281 parts per CO2 in 1 million parts of air.)

Your task is not to cross the “Fireline” until 2050, if possible.
Watch out for the “Fireline” on the CO2 –Scale. The line of 498 ppm should not be crossed. This equals the international „2 degree-celsius-crash-barrier“, that should also in reality be maintained.
Then you will see the 7 fields of Disaster Risk Reduction, which deals with the connection of Global Warming and Disaster Prevention.

On the blue fields you will reach the fields „ the lifeboats!“ - where you will drive in lifeboats towards the future after this game. At least „Cooling down!“ now offers you the chance to create the future after 2050. Which also means to detect the future responsibility - this is also a subject in „Cooling down!“

Now you see the important two dices: the fire dice and the treasure dice- which will at one time be used as D1 or as D2 - also have a look at the dice list on the front page.


“Cooling down!” is based on sophisticated scenarios analysis and detailled information from many experts.

While playing “Cooling down!” we learn to identify the drivers of climate change and in principle, the solutions.

How can raise awareness and motivate to action? Hopefully it helps when millions of “Homo ludens” play “Cooling down!”

Prof. Dr. Peter Hennicke, President, Wuppertal Institut



„The world game „Cooling down!” is a new and creative approach at raising awareness about global warming and disaster prevention.

“Cooling down!” is entertaining and engages players to leran about human responsibility in fighting poverty.

We wish the game global success:”

Chairlady Ingeborg Schäuble;
Deutsche Welthungerhilfe/
German Agro Society