4 Lifeboats – why?

How does the world look in 2050? An actual question particulary in the framework of the discussion about “Climate Security” – meaning a stable climate.

There are wishful windows in the future, the definition of pictures of the future is possible, the “Lifieboats” are staying here to invite you, to think about different futures, meaning to think about “alternative civilisations - they can come in this way or a little bit differ. Power your dreams, think big dreams, which futere needs the world – the Lifeboats here are basically thought-provocing impulses.

Depending from the dynamics of the game, it will be possible to reach one of this future, its symbols are Lifeboats. Each of them leads in a different future. To reach lifeboats you need “Energy saving cards”.

Lifeboat 1:

The “Cowdung Worldsociety”

The “Right of physical Unvulnerability” is basically for the understanding of Human Rights – at present millions are on the way to loose this basic right: they have no healthy food, clean water, fruitful soil, infectionfree environment.

The cow – here temperature, her milk, her excrements – is staying in the center of life since several thousand years. An intergral rural development to a “Cowdung-Worldsociety” – decarbonized - is coming – the ruling: “GLOBAL-CARBON-REGIME” is powering this developments.

1-2 energy saving lamps

Lifeboat 2:

The “2000-Watt-per Head-Worldsociety”

Thanks to the “GLOBAL-CARBON-REGIME” the achievments in science and enginering in Energyefficiency are very successful: A technological driven augmentation in energyefficiency around factor 4 to 5 is worldwide in the phase of implementation. A unit Worldenergy Politics are able to implement this innovations – the necessary social and cultural adaptations are in progress.

3-4 energy saving lamps

Lifeboat 3:

Equal emission rights for All!

The different lifestyles between the rich and the poor – between luxury-emissions and survival emissions – will balance out as we proceed on the path of EcoEquity.

Background is the worldwide growing awarenes triggered by the WORLDPARLAMENT – a deep seeking to Worldconsiousness is coming up. This worldmovement is looking to new forms of individuell living, embedded in spirituell guided behavior under the condition of limited resources.

5-6 energy saving lamps

Lifeboat 4:


The “ONENESS Democracy” is fostering the power of human self-exceeding as evolutionary change.

A process of involution and evolution will enhancing to think in imaginations, inspirations and intuitions – mostly propelt through Litterature and Poetry. The real forces to bring deadlock thinking in a movement, improving the thinking in processes and running pictures – this seeking in the inner being brings out very new ideas to live happy and fearless in dignity and poverty, in trust and aspirations.

7-8 energy saving lamps



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