The Strategy Cards

Underneath the strategy cards you will find different strategies – that are all constructed differently – concerning the total costs, the necessary education vouchers (EduVO) for every card - and what is very important: the efficiency to the reduction of the CO2.
All this is shown on all the strategy cards.

THEREFORE: The chances will be augmented by the exactness of how your treasures – your EduVos and Nobels - match your strategies.
But you will have to cooperate anyhow.

CAUTION: Before starting the game the single strategy piles should be put in order of the numbers if present as follows: 1st. card on top, 2nd. underneath, the3rd. again underneath etc.

The cards can of course be tested before buying, they can be looked at. Put the piles on the table, with the interior side turned down, and the running numbers at the top. Number “1” on top!

What is written on the strategy cards?
The best thing would be to have a close look at each strategy - each single card is different! It is important to get a „strategetic feeling“ for the potential of the each of the strategies. Only by doing this - like in the everyday life of the international climate politics - will it become possible to heal „Mother Earth“ and „Brother Atmosphere“.

Each strategy works differently!
That is why it is highyl recommended that before starting the game you should be familiar with all the requirements and the economising potential that should be reached with every strategy.

Of course, it is possible any time to buy your favoured strategy cards, meaning your own strategy mix between the CO2 balance sheet phases – if it is not yet occured in this phase.


Take a close look at the strategies –

You can learn a lot by doing this!!!
In reality of the climate politics, this will be exactly discussed.