Lesson: Climate Justice

Starting thesis:

“Less Global warming needs more (Climate-)Justice.”

After this lesson, the students will be able to understand more concrete what is behind this – more than only a thesis. They have here the chance to learn, why “Climate Justice” is a key factor in the field of adaptation on Global Warming – basically its opens chances to understand more the question:

What is just what unjust – why?”

Look here at first:

The Earth by Night – what do you see?

This picture is from October 2000. Here is an other picture from November 2008 – compare them and discuss the difference – when you can.


Working Group 1: Make a list with the „bright“ countries.

WG 2: Make a list with the „dark“ countries.

WG 1: Look for the population of each „bright“ country, try to add them.

WG 2: Look for the population of each „dark“ country, try to add them.

What do you know about the lifestyle in the dark countries, what do you think, are the people happy?
What is happiness in the “bright” countries?
What means and what is: “our civilisation”?
Think about the future of “our civilisation” – a future without electricity!
Should the “poor” people – the people outside “our civilisation” - something know about Global Warming?
Discuss the difference between “Luxury Emissions” and “Survival Emissions”
See the Glossary in “Cooling down!

WG1 and WG2:
Compare your results with the worldpopulation. Compare your results with the map here. Take the backside of the Profile cards. Discuss what you see.

please cklick the image for current information

Worldenergy consumption in relation to the population of each country.

Where is your country?
What is happen with Great Britain?
What about India?
Why has Tunesia and Australia the same colour? Explain it.
Why is Japan suddenly much greater than Germany?
Which are the 13 most CO2 polluters of the world?
Look to the cards – inside the red cards of “Cooling down!”
Discuss the results.

Build more Working Grroups, up to six, each is representing one worldregion, like in „Cooling down!“ – see the Profile Cards.
Each WG is collecting „his“ countries, representing his worldregion.

Look into the Carbon Worldmap make a ranking in CO2 emission and discuss the question:
Discuss the relation between CO2 emission and energy consumption.
What is more important and why:
Energy consumption per head or per country?
Compare China with USA!
Look here:
The Carbon worldmap

Special challenges: The interchange between Profile Cards and the CO2 Reductionstrategies – explain the principles.

Question: What is just, what unjust?

Look around you and collect some examples, why do you think, they are fair or just, other unfair, or unjust?

„What just is, is also good for many.“
How is the author?
John Rawl, he wrote the famous Book: A Theory of Justice” – perhaps it is the most famous book about ethics in modern time.

Give a definition, what could Climate Justice mean?
Maybe you are able to interpret now the basic sentence:


“Less Global warming needs more (Climate-)Justice.”