Less Global Warming is only possible with more Justice!

When the Titanic crashed into an iceberg in 1912, there were not enough lifeboats. We should ask ourselves, do we have better conditions nowadays? Is a crash with an iceberg preventable today? Do we have all the necessary things on board so that a survivable adaption to the climate change is possible?

Do we have to change the lifeboats to reach a fair and climate-friendly future?

It is said that we have to reinvent economising.

But what is meant by that?
Diplomats and Politicians practise on world climate conferences on building lifeboats. But until now they have not succeeded in changing the rules that deplace the icebergs that are bound to threaten the future.

Less Global Warming is only possible with more Justice!
Rapid changes are proclaimed, will they suceed? Referring to what rules?

Of course there will be a good portion of luck needed, but even more than that: The Players, since they represent the world family, will need more than cleverness and a strategic view, they will also need courage and the will to cooperate.

The German Federal President starts off:
„There are challenges that connect all human beings on earth and the negative consequences can only be avoided if all nations and continents act for the same purpose.“

Climate protection is a duty to everyone – a citizen duty. And:
Climate protection is a problem of Justice, between the generation of today and the coming generations. But: The ethos of democracy support no other than equal per capita rights to global environmental resources. “Cooling down!” can help here – a little!



Here you can find out more about lifeboats in Cooling Down


Public presentation from “Cooling down!

Octobre 2007, Bonn, Germany

„Cooling down ...“

... is a field for training. Here you will learn that the ways towards a fair future will need more than using old rules in a cleverer sense.