This game brings orientation. It will improve global thinking and thinking in alternative energy-options; it will open the view about intercultural behaviour, it will give regional based sustainable hints for the every day-to-day-energy use, and - last but not least - it will show a realistic (and, in the context of this game) a playable “Kyoto-PLUS-strategy”.

Finally, the game shows ways towards climate justice, and also new approaches in the fight against poverty.
“Cooling down!” is a trainingsfield for growing world-consciousness.

The prototype is ready, the test activities are going on. The game will be published in german und english, firstly – in 2 language: german and english.
A presentation in Auroville, South-India in this spring was very successful.
A English version is on the way.
Now “Cooling down!” needs international support.

Are you interested in further information? Don’t hesitate.

Das Spiel basiert auf

  • den wissenschaftlichen Grundlagen des Buches:
    Peter Hennicke/Michael Müller: Weltmacht Energie, 2006
  • dem Endbericht der Enq.-Kom. des Deutschen Bundestages: Nachhaltige Energieversorgung: (BT-Drs. 14/9400)
  • dem neuen Bericht der IPCC, 2007
  • dem Buch von Al Gore: Eine unbequeme Wahrheit, 2006