The author of „Cooling down!“ - Otto Ulrich – grew up in Germany.

He learned a profession as a craftsman; after his studies in Physical engineering he started as an Engineer in the German Aerospace Industry.

After his second studies on Political science in Berlin he had the possibility of working many years in the Chancellery in Bonn, mainly in the field of international environment and energy politics.During this time he wrote on his Dissertation (Dr.rer.pol.) on the consequences of Global warming.

As Author of many essays and several books, he is now active as a Game Creator and Social Entrepreneur in India and Germany. As a visiting professor in the „Internationalen Centre for Integral Studies“ (ICIS) in Delhi and the University on Human Unity (UHU) in Auroville, India, he is starting to teach the subject of „Climate Justice and World Conscience“ - on the basis of “Cooling down!”

OU is member of the Transition Team of Barack Obama, engaged in the topic: Climate Justice an educational challenges".