“Cooling down!” – the idea behind the game

In the race between time – from 1840 to 2050 – and increasing Carbon dioxide concentration the players (representing the worldfamily) have to choose between different CO2 reduction-strategies; they have to find, in cooperation with others, ways to minimize the CO2-levels, the time is running, “black” and “green “CO2 is powering the danymics on the CO2 path.

The players need money (Nobel) and Education Vouchers (EduVo) – only then they are able to buy strategies. Is there a chance not to cross the “2-degree-Border”, the so called “Fireline”?

What is going on in the weak states, can “Good Governance” really reduce the disaster risks? The level of ungovernability decide in which lifeboat we come in 2050 – there are 4 alternative futures. Do all players work in Worldsolidarity, really?



„You will never solve problems on the same level of thinking as they have at first appeared!“   

 Albert Einstein