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„Cooling down!“- the game around global warming

EcoEquity vs. Worldpower Energy

A thought-provocing boardgame around Global Warming, Disaster Prevention and Biodiversity.

By Dr. Otto Ulrich, Germany

The Idea of the game is to widen environmental awareness towards a globally oriented consciousness. This shall include the relations between global warming, energy options, greenhouse effect and natural disasters.
All of us are facing worldwide one basic question: Will the world community, the “human family”, be capable of reducing the forseen greenhousegas emissions around 50% up to 2050?

Indeed, exactly this is the question in this (simulations-)game, too!


The players are representing the human beings, the so-called world community, they have to be very active in facing the challenge: Do you want to be rich or do you prefer to rescue the world?

Or: In the race between time – from 1840 to 2050 – and increasing Carbon dioxide concentration you have to choose between different CO2 reduction-strategies; you have to find, in cooperation with others, ways to minimize the CO2-levels, otherwise we will face a cowdung-society …